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Basemap and ArcGIS online matter

Question asked by JonasLight@33 on Apr 15, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2020 by JonasLight@33

Hi Everyone, 

I'm Jonas and I am very proud to part of the GeoNet Community.

Though I have a couple of problem with my ArgGIS Desktop advanced.

Indeed, I can't Add a Basemap or add data from ArcGIS Online.

So first when I open up my Arcgis 10.7 , then go to the add data tool, 

when I select either Add Basemap or Add data from Arcgis Online , The system shuts down, forcing a rebbot after this message : <<ArcGIS has stopped working>> and I have to send an error message. I have done that for weeks now without a solution.

Now I can't study because of this matter and the course is running.


Please Help