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Arc Online: Trouble with creating groups and inviting esri user to my group.

Question asked by JessRutherford on Apr 15, 2020


I am currently trying to create a group and invite a individual  with a online account through their university to my group. I believe I have made sure that I have set all privileges as required. I have searched for this individual via their email address associated with their account, as I found them. However, I keep getting this message when I click invite tab. 

Why is it so hard to share project through esri. I have spent countless hours reviewing these same question and I have tried every trick, but still have issue with groups and sharing information. 

Is there a way around using groups and not set your project to public, yet still sharing it with someone? 

Now I know this is error is with creating a groups from an organization but when I try creating a group not in my organization I get a bottom error (as seen in the bottom image).

I hope someone can direct me to how to rectify this issue.

Thank you