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Mapping Postal/Zip Codes

Question asked by NCDrusus on Apr 10, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2020 by dknolan

Good day all,


I am fairly new to ArcGIS and am still getting myself acquainted with all of it's intricacies. I am attempting to create a project through which I can input a list of either American zip codes or Canadian postal codes, and the specific polygon that defines that area would be highlighted.

How specifically do I go from a simple data table (or excel sheet) with postal codes into this visual representation? Does this have to be done in ArcGIS Pro or can it be done in ArcMap? This feels like it should be trivial, but I haven't had any luck with it.


If it's any help, I'm trying to do exactly this but for Canada: ZIP Lookup 


Thanks in advance.