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Thinning points based on a time interval

Question asked by jrdavies on Apr 10, 2020
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Not sure of the etiquette here, but I am reposting this question on the ArcGIS Pro feed, as I didn't get any responses under the ArcMap heading.



Hi-- I want to reduce the number of points in vessel tracklines based on a time interval from a datetimestamp value. I can reduce the number of points based on distance using the 'Delete Identical' tool, but I'd like to be able to reduce the number of points by selecting points based on a user defined interval, like a two or five minute interval, and culling the extraneous points. I have not found any obvious way to do this with the built in tools in ArcMap or Pro, but I'm hoping someone else has worked through this and can suggest a workflow or solution. I am still more comfortable working in ArcMap, but can work in Pro if the solution lies there.


Here is simplified version of what the tabular data look like. The highlighted rows show what records would be selected if I chose four minute interval. It makes sense that some rounding of the times may be needed to standardize the time breaks.


Here is what the desired output might look like.