Issues with April update

Discussion created by bhemmer_usfs on Apr 9, 2020
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I hate to be the one to rain on parades. Especially when it comes to the hard work put it to make something better such as the story navigation because I love this and have been looking forward to this for a while now. But, I have ran into some issues with the April update. I do have one major issue that needs to be addressed very soon. The issues I'll be addressing in this post has to do with story navigation and Collections. First, please don't take any of this and think I'm not happy because I am and really excited about updates you made, especially the navigation capability. Just some things that need to be pointed out that are issues.


I have made videos to aid in explaining what I am seeing. Also, all of these story maps are public and I am attaching links to them as well. These issues are based off my most current project so I am not sure how the update has affected previous story maps I have made. One thing to note is that even though these are public they are drafts and any figures, tables, estimates, maps, etc., are subject to change.


1) Issue in Collections (DRAFT Minnesota Forests, 2018 Collections) - see video 1_collections.mp4
- From within Collections, when I select the first story map I get the message "An unexpected error has occurred".


2) Issue with navigation #1 (DRAFT Minnesota 2018 - Introduction) - see video 2_introduction_notNavigating.mp4
- Navigating the first four sections work fine. However, when I select the Background section it will navigate to the section, but does not "highlight" heading in nav bar.


- I'm also not able to navigate to Guide to Forest Inventory and Major Components sections at all.


3) Issue with navigation #2 (DRAFT Minnesota 2018 - Health Indicators) - see video 3_healthIndicators_notNavigating.mp4
- Navigating the first three sections work fine.
- Issue I run into is when I navigate to Invasive Plant Species section. Selecting heading in the nav bar brings user to text just above section. It also does not "highlight" heading in nav bar.
- The next two sections work when navigating.
- When I navigate to the Urbanization and Fragmentation of Forest Land section it will go, but it does not "highlight" heading in nav bar.



4) MAJOR Issue! (DRAFT Minnesota 2018 - Socioeconomics) - see video 4_socioeconomics.mp4
- I am no longer able to edit this story map since I tried to enable navigation. I opened the story map original so I could apply the new navigation capability. After I selected the toggle I received "An unexpected error has occurred".

- I am able to open the story map but every time I try to enter builder mode I receive the error. So now I'm kind of stuck.


So this is what I'm seeing right now. In case you need to know or if it matter I am using Mozilla Firefox 75.0 (64-bit).