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Disappearing XLS Form in Survey123 Connect

Question asked by KYTCGIS on Apr 9, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2020 by KYTCGIS

Hi All.


For the last few weeks I've been having some issues with Survey123 Connect.  Sometimes when I try to create a new survey (either from an XLS Template or an existing survey) I will have two new surveys appear within Survey123 Connect instead of one new survey to click on.  In those case, typically only one of the two new surveys will actually connect and allow me to access the XLS form.  Deleting one survey will delete both however and only one folder is created in my "My Survey Designs" folder.  I'll also say that when I look at the folder in "My Survey Designs" it never has the complete folder structure - it may only have an XLS in it with no media folder or any other files.  When I create one survey and it creates two - I always have to delete the survey and keep trying until it successfully completes a full survey.  This gets to be aggravating.


On the flip side, sometimes when I create a single survey, it successfully creates a single survey in Connect but then when I open it to start playing with the fields or configuring the settings, it's like the survey cannot see the underlying XLS form and the button to get to the XLS isn't even there.  This happens - like the duplication - when I create a new survey from an existing survey, from an XLS template, or even an existing XLS only.  Image below. 



I'm currently in version 3.9.120 of Survey123 Connect although I had these issues in a version and  My solution has been to continually uninstall and reinstall survey123 Connect but it appears the problems follow me.  This is starting to interfere with my ability to efficiently create a survey and use the program.  I will say the problems consistently happen so doing a screen share would work if someone needed to see it happen.  Please let me know what to do next and thank you,