Choice list_names for surveys generated from web feature domains do not work

Discussion created by AthensGIS on Apr 13, 2020
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With domains generated by ArcGIS Online, choice_filter mysteriously does not work. Without a choice_filter, the choices display correctly. Here's a way to reproduce this problem:

  1. Create a web feature layer Online.
  2. Add two fields (example_type and example_subtype) and Create List domains for them.
  3. Create a new survey for your feature layer in Survey123 Connect.
  4. Add a choice_filter for example_subtype based on type.

Observe that no values are displayed for example_subtype no matter type's value.

  1. Rename example_type_<LONG IDENTIFIER> to example_type (and the associated select_one).

Observe that no values are displayed for example_subtype, no matter type's value.

  1. Rename example_subtype_<LONG IDENTIFIER> to example_subtype (and the associated select_one)

Observe that values are correctly filtered for example_subtype.


*edit: I originally generalized my field names to Type and Subtype, but those are keywords.