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Unknown Error Code in Geocoding Response

Question asked by infino on Apr 9, 2020

I have a database of around 200k addresses and I need to geocode all of them; seeing that a batching option is available, I tried out a few sample requests (GET, 1-2 addresses) and it worked like a charm. To add support for 150-175 addresses, I went with the POST verb and added the addresses in the body field (application/json); ever since I did that, I started receiving some weird responses (Status Code 200 but the response body contains a 400). Even the GET requests stopped working.


I tried contacting Esri support and they redirected me here; in the screenshots below, you can find my request and my response. The endpoint I am using is:



This is the request.


Query Parameters

Query parameters.



The response object.

I am not totally certain as to what I should do from here. Any guidance will be great!