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ArcGIS Pro ignoring arcpy.env.workspace

Question asked by sjoerd.hoekstra@tauw.com_tauw on Apr 8, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2020 by Dan_Patterson

Hi, im busy debugging a tool in ArcGIS Pro. 

The tool works fine in ArcGIS Desktop or via Python itself (based on Desktop or Pro). I just noticed that my tool doesn't work right when I run it within ArcGIS Pro. The problem seems to be that within a ArcGIS Pro project the code in the tool is ignored, so arcpy.env.workspace = 'my_desired_workspace' is ignored and data is written to the default.gdb of the project. Is this a bug Esri is already aware of? Or can I do something to prevent it? 

Like for example the tool arcpy.ListRasters() is not working correctly now because it is not checking the right workspace. 


By the way I think it might be working correctly for vectordatasets, but for the rasters it is not working right for me. 

Hopefully someone can help me!