Hello, my name is Nathalie Woloszyn

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I am an Initial Attack Dispatcher with the US Forest Service, based out of Durango Interagency Dispatch Center. The main GIS success that comes to mind is my transition from ArcGIS Desktop to ArcPro. While I still use both products, becoming more familiar with Pro has been a relief. Now, I am hoping to keep learning Pro skills, and begin learning Python. ArcOnline is another avenue of interest. I recently completed my graduate degree in Geography where my interests focused on diffusion of mountain pine beetle across Alberta, Canada. In my current position, I am learning how our organization utilizes GIS for emergency management, specifically for wildland fire incidents and am hoping to incorporate this into my work. Outside of work, my interests are wide and varied! And a lovely corner of the world is found here: -12.128901, 49.367446