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Errors in the Pansharpening function after band arithmetic

Question asked by Gabriel_Westaway_Heaven on Apr 9, 2020

I have a consistent error with the pansharpening function(s). Whenever I include a band derived from band arithmetic (band ratios) the pansharpening function produces a seemingly corrupted raster. The arithmetic derived band can either be a synthetic panchromatic band (using Sentinel 2) or part of the multiband target raster.


The error results in a) a pansharpened raster that can be viewed when zoomed out to the entire extent but disappears when zooming (with no limits on visibility settings) b) cannot be exported to a .tif raster file. 


I have checked the properties and metadata, with no difference in attributes apart from spatial resolution (same as panchromatic band down from multiband) when compared to the input multiband raster.


The same issue is present if performing the pansharpening on non-exported .xml templates or on exported .tif rasters.


ArcPro otherwise performs pansharpening without issue on rasters where no band combinations have been performed.