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Spiky artifacts in gradient border transparencies

Question asked by prussmann on Apr 8, 2020

Hey everyone!


I’m following John Nelson's advice from this post for giving my overview map some depth by using a gradient border stroke, where one end color is opaque and the other end color is transparent.


However, I’m getting these ugly spikes along the gradient (please see screenshot No.1 below). Apparently, the line segment gradient overlaps at concave vertices, creating the spiky artifacts. It is particularly obvious for thicker strokes and more complex features. I'm also getting these artifacts and also some gaps when I apply gradient border strokes to feature objects (please see screenshot No.2 below).


I’ve already tried using different offset methods and distances, cap and join types, etc, but they don’t seem to have any effect.


Has this happened to anyone else?


Thanks a lot!


Screenshot No.1


Screenshot No.1