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Help me determine my research question for my thesis?

Question asked by TomErik on Apr 7, 2020

Hello everyone, I'm at the start-up phase of my thesis in geoinformatics and was hoping someone here would be kind enough to aid me in narrowing down the subject. The University supervisor and I have established that the subject will be along the lines of spatial accessibility to healthcare in Norway.


My initial research question was to investigate the spatial accessibility in cabins to health clinics in specific regions, especially since a large portion of the Norwegian population (~10%) are cabin owners and migrate to their cabins during holiday times and so on. These cabins are often located in rural, mountainous areas far from health care services and I thought it could be interesting to see if the capacity in the closest nearby hospitals would be able to withstand the new hidden demand. Would there be any consequenece for ambulatory care sensitive conditions, for example.


Data I have access to:

All buildings as points, with a building-type category (no capacity per cabin) (I am able to extract cabins)

A road-network for the entire country which needs to be built

Administrative borders

I have all hospitals in a point layer with data like: number of physicians and hospital beds.


I'm now on the onset of making a literature review on the subject, but I can't help feeling that the whole study I am attempting to do is in a few ways redundant. Can anyone aid me in this? I have about 2 weeks to finish the literature review, and I feel like the subject at hand is not even established, which makes it incredibly difficult to do