ArcMap Addin to identify point and read custom attribute from XY Data

Discussion created by Fossi on Mar 28, 2011
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using ArcMap I'am displaying points out of a database-table using a "Database Connection" and "Display XY Data...".

Besides the coordinates and other attributes the database table contains an id which I would like to pass to an application when the user clicks on a the corresponding point in the map.

The identify dialog lists this id in the field&value section. Is it possible to extend the identify dialog? I.e. can I place a custom button in this dialog to call a custom app passing a value from a specific field?

As an alternative would it be possible to create an tool-addin, which can read the id-field as soon the user clicks a point in the layer derived from the database connection?

I did the ArcObjects 10 Walkthrough "Building custom UI elements using add-ins" which went very smooth so far. But I'm stuck finding where to start about this. The SDK is just gigantic and a little confusing to newbies making the first steps. ;-)

Perhaps I am just missing the right keyword or there is a snippet I overlooked. So any hint would be appreciated.

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