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Sometimes able to change color of text in credit section...sometimes not?

Question asked by bhemmer_usfs on Apr 6, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2020 by bhemmer_usfs

There are two things going on here,

  1. Some story maps I am able to change the color of text in the credit section when editing and sometimes I am not.
  2. Once it is published the coloring is no longer applied.


Here in one story map I can change the coloring while editing,



and I get,




But in another story map I made it does not change. Same workflow,


but it reverts back to the original color,


Either way, once I hit publish my coloring goes away. The ability to more easily distinguish links from text is important to us so users with poor eyesight can differentiate by color.


Attached are two videos showing what I mean live. If you also notice in the video if I the link again and try to apply coloring you'll see it is already applied. Also provided are two links to see what I mean.

Able to apply coloring

Cannot apply coloring


One other thing unrelated I want to point out is having to manually scroll to see blocks and options. If you notice in the videos once I get to the bottom of the screen if I try to open options if I have to manually scroll down so all the options are in view. If possible, can you make it so that when in edit mode that screen will automatically scroll to fit all options. Watch the video and it'll make sense.