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Multidimensional mosaic dataset intervals

Question asked by WarrenMedernach on Apr 6, 2020

I'm just getting started with creating a time-aware mosaic dataset, and this is a very powerful feature!  I have generated a mosaic of satellite images that span many years.  The image intervals are not consistent, and some years there might be a monthly image for a few months in a row, and then there might not be any images for the next 6 months, etc. 


I know this isn't how 'time' works but I'm trying to preempt the question I know users are going to ask...   Can the multidimensional image be configured with the intervals/steps such that each advance on the time bar goes to the next available image instead of displaying no image?


The only way I can think of accomplishing this is possibly creating another date field for end date and calculate the differences between each successive image, and use that as the end date.


Any other suggestions/comments would be greatly appreciated.