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ArcGIS 10.6 tools working on my computer but not another one

Question asked by Zenchi on Apr 5, 2020
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Good morning,


I'm new in this community forum (And also in ArcGIS, been only a few weeks I started), so if I need to add more informations, ask me. The problem doesn't come from my PC so it can take some times because I need to contact the chief of the project.

So my problem is:
I made 2 python scripts for an add-in and toolbox but none of them work on his pc. I tried to search on internet about how to solve this issue.


The first script is only calling Contour and fails directly (Errors: 999999 and 010067) and the second one is calling multiple functions of ArcGIS:
The second script is failing on the function called Union.


I asked him to:

- check if all the extensions are enabled -> it is

- check if it was due to him using a GeoDatabase or not, he then tried without the GeoDatabase, it didn't work.
- he tried Contour from the application ArcMap but it still works with the same file.


The zip file contains the whole code for the add-in and toolbox.


Thank you for your time.

error999999 arcgis10.6 error010067 arcgis toolboxpython addin