Enterprise Geodatabase (or .sde?) Anatomy

Discussion created by sram2995 on Apr 3, 2020
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I relatively new to the Enterprise Geodatabase world and was given a bunch of old .sde connection files created in 2013 (Which were created before I got the job, and I am assuming on an older SQL Server).



I was tasked to create a Utility Network using the .sde feature classes, which required an update to a 2016 SQL Server. After updating the SQL Server, Arcpro requires an update to the Geodatabase itself, which is done.


After updating the two, I tried again to create the utility network and now getting the error:


"Error creating database user. [Must be connected as database system admin/superuser to create new geodatabase,user,or tablespace]. "


I cant even edit the feature classes in the .sde (2016) now and am getting the error:


"Table registered as versioned with a different model than the connected version"



 I am spinning my wheels and unsure how to even ask or google the right question. Is this due to the SQL server permissions? If so, what permissions do I ask IT for in order to create a new database user? 


Resources on .sde's / Enterprise Geodatabase Administration for beginners (For non-IT folks like me) / Table Versions etc would be greatly appreciated as I cant seem to find much online. 


Thank you!

Sarah Ramirez