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Failure to publish map service from ArcGIS Pro

Question asked by chrisbates on Apr 1, 2020

Hi All, 


This feels like a very stupid problem, and hopefully I'm simply overlooking something. 


I regularly make updates to a ArcGIS Pro project and overwrite an existing service in our enterprise GIS (We are utilizing Portal, ArcGIS Server, DataStore, Federated Servers etc).


Under normal circumstances when I "re-publish" a service from ArcGIS Pro using Share As > Web Layer it overwrites the Service Layer in Portal and the the Map Service on ArcGIS Server. This has never been a problem in the past. 


In my most recent update, when I published the service it failed and gave me no error messages of any kind other than a very generic message that it could not publish the service.


If i try to publish a new service with a new name it publishes fine.


If i delete the service from Portal and ArcGIS Server and try using the same name as I previously used. It fails.


What am I missing here? Are there locks on the service or some sort of legacy file that isn't being deleted when I delete the service? I've tried restarting ArcGIS Server and looking at the logs for clues (which aren't much help).