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What metadata is needed to use measurement tools in Oriented Imagery Viewer?

Question asked by TBernotashnit-baltic-lt-esridist Employee on Apr 2, 2020

Hi all,


I've been trying to figure what metadata is needed to be able to use measurement tools in Oriented Imagery Viewer. I've created an Oriented Imagery catalog from aerial oblique imagery service ( . Looking at the resulting exposure points - they have CamOri field with detailed camera orientation. I've also used DEM service when I created this catalog. But I'm still unable to use measurement tools with this oriented imagery catalog:



This is the content of the oic:


{"type": "OIC", "version": "2.1", "properties": {"Name": "test8", "Description": "test", "Tags": "OrientedImagery", "ServiceURL": "", "OverviewURL": "", "DefaultAttributes": {"CamHeading": "", "CamPitch": "", "CamRoll": "0", "HFOV": "", "VFOV": "", "AvgHtAG": "", "FarDist": "", "NearDist": "", "OIType": "T", "SortOrder": "", "CamOffset": "", "Accuracy": "", "ImgPyramids": "", "DepthImg": "", "ExternalViewer": "", "ImgRot": "", "ImageryType": "Aerial Oblique Camera"}, "About": "", "ImageField": "", "ImagePrefix": "", "VideoPrefix": "", "DepthImagePrefix": "", "SourceImagePrefix": "", "MaxDistance": "", "DEMPrefix": "I||", "Credentials": {"Username": "", "Password": ""}, "Variables": {}, "Filters": {}, "Copyright": {"text": "test", "url": ""}, "PointsSource": "D:\\Temp\\oblique\\oblique\\orient_test\\test8.gdb\\test8_ExposurePoints", "CoverageSource": "D:\\Temp\\oblique\\oblique\\orient_test\\test8.gdb\\test8_CoverageMap"}}


What data is needed for the measurement functions in OI Viewer to be available?


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