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Can MS SQL Server 2012 and 2016 exist on the same VM?

Question asked by janiceb on Mar 31, 2020

I had my Database guy add an instance of MS SQL Server 2016 to my SQL Server vm and now all of my connections to that server are broken! Has anyone else had any luck doing this? I was going to test a geodatabase upgrade to SQL 2016 but now I just want my server back online!


I am running Windows Server 2012 for my SQL Server machines. I have ArcGIS for Server 10.4.1 installed on a physical machine with Windows Server 2012.


Also, I have installed the Microsoft ODBC Driver 13 on the GIS Server. I cannot access the SQL Server from ArcCatalog or Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2019 or 2012.


Another interesting fact: an instance of 2016 was installed on two of my SQL servers but only the one that I restarted has the issue... I can still access the SQL Server which I did not restart after the installation of the 2016 instance of SQL Server.


Any ideas why an instance of 2016 would cause problems?