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Can't Login to Portal as Admin. How to do point-in-time restore?

Question asked by jjosserand on Mar 31, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2020 by jjosserand

I'm on 10.6.1 of portal. Recently my user, group, and content data got messed up by a script that was attempting to copy data from one environment to another. Now I cannot login to portal through the browser at all. In fact, if I go to the normal URL, the content you'd expect to see flashes by and is then replaced with a sign-on screen. I try the admin login credentials, but it just refreshes back to the sign-on screen.

What I'm asking is this... since I cannot login as admin, is there any other way to do a point in time restore of the portal's postgres data (I know the date when it all worked before the script was run). If so, can I get a simple 1, 2, 3 procedure?

Thanks in advance.

Btw... after that data mess up occurred, even rolling back to previous snapshots (using vCenter/vSphere) does not fix the problem for some reason.