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ArcObjects SDK for .NET Framework with Annual Educational Advanced (Arc Info) Single Use License

Question asked by dnemecek_IDWR on Mar 31, 2020

I usually use my organization's ESRI account when at work, but I am now working at my home Desktop PC.  On my home PC, I have an ArcGIS 10.6 annual educational license that I do not want to sacrifice.  It is an Advanced (Arc Info) Single Use license.  I also have an ESRI Developer subscription through my organization, so I am able to download the ArcObjects SDK for .NET Framework to my home PC.  I also have Visual Studio 2017 Professional on my home PC, which I downloaded BEFORE downloading the ArcObjects SDK for .NET Framework.  When I downloaded the SDK, I ensured that I downloaded the bit for Visual Studio 2017 Professional.  The immediate problem is that Visual Studio is not aware of my ArcObjects SDK.  When I attempt to add a new project, the ArcGIS menu is not on the left side of the New Project dialog box.  


Is anybody able to provide a solution, help me troubleshoot or confirm that the SDK will not work with my educational license?  Or maybe it is my Advanced Single Use license that the SDK does not like?