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How to estimate growth rate between same sites sampled once a week, Arcade Expressions Pop-ups in Web Map

Question asked by frietsapriza on Mar 31, 2020

Dear Geogeeks,

I'm trying to estimate the growth rate (kg Dry matter/ha/day) for a series of sampling sites within pastures field for cows.

However, this examples may apply to anyone estimating growth rate in any field of science or industry.  

The pasture fields (dry matter in kg) are sampled with Survey123  once (date, same day of the week) a week ( 7 days a part) and the growth rate is estimate taking account last week value and current value divide by 7 days, see image below.

Each row represents a pastures field, same pasture field is samples the following week in order to estimate the growth rate of dry matter for each pasture field.

How can I bring back the data from last week in order to make this estimate? 

One of the field that I calculate in Survey123 is Number of Week.

I figure out that I could do this by configuring Pop-Ups with Arcade Expressions. 

How can I write this in Arcade Expressions?


Any ideas are welcome.

Many thanks



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