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What are GPU are required for ArcGIS Pro: Having issues exporting animations

Question asked by JessRutherford on Mar 30, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2020 by Dan_Patterson


I was hoping someone could assist me in this. I have recently created a rotating globe and have been trying to export it as a video, but it is not working. I continue to get this pop-up message...

Changes in your graphics hardware detected. Close and reopen your map views to continue.


I am not sure what this mean, except I did go into my device manager on my computer and updated the GPU driver...which is Intel(R) HD Graphic 4600...yet I still get this message. 

This makes me think that I may not have the correct driver installed on my computer...does this make sense??

Do I need to download another driver -if so what should I look for?

Thank you for your time.