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English/Spanish survey is showing dashes and other issues

Question asked by CFerner-esristaff Employee on Mar 28, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2020 by CFerner-esristaff

My first ever bilingual survey works after several attempts but it has a few issues. I was getting errors as I entered the english label on every row which was frustrating but didn't seem to impact the functionality. The survey was originally created using the web designer, but then spanish was requested so the survey was downloaded and rebuilt from scratch based on the blogs/help pages. Here are some of the issues that are still annoying me.


1- English is offered twice and spanish is offered twice.

2- Spanish version has dashes after every piece of text. This also happens after the questions. The only think i could think of was that it had something to do with the fact that i had to copy/paste the translated text from a document. But the dashes are not in the doc.

3- the likert didn't really work in the spanish version. looks like it tried to duplicate the stars that were the original nice view from the web designed form. 



Any suggestions would be very welcome.