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Importing RAS data failed

Question asked by Wei_Luo_NIU on Mar 27, 2020
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I downloaded and installed the latest HEC-GeoRAS (10.7) from - /archydro/HecGeoRAS/10.7/. I prepared the geometry data in HEC_GeoRAS, exported the data to HEC-RAS (5.07),ran the model; everything worked fine to this step, but when I tried to bring the result back to ArcGIS for visualization, I got "Importing RAS data failed!" and "RAS configuration is not supported!."  I did some search and tried to delete the decimal digits in spatial reference in the .xml file as one post suggested, but it still did not work, got same error messages. Any ideas or work around? Should I go back to an earlier version? Many thanks for your help!