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Embedding Soundcloud files in a sidecar displays only as a card

Question asked by pirateradiomap on Mar 25, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2020 by pirateradiomap

In October I created a Storymap for a presentation using primarily sidecars. In the side column I embedded a number of Soundcloud files and they played as expected. It's now March and I've gone back to that project and have found that the embeds display only as a card even on a 27" screen. (...and I've selected the larger display in the option dropdown box) I've tried replacing the files, experimented on a new Storymap and the embeds seem to display as cards only in the side panel no matter what I do. Did something in the code change to prevent embeds in a Sidecar side panel to display as anything other than cards?


In a related question, what's the roadmap for adding soundfiles that are not embeds? Even when the embeds work I can't seem to control the size of the player...if embedded in a main panel (not the side panel of a sidecar) the embedded Soundcloud player is huge. (When they were displaying correctly in the side column they were acceptable in size, but would prefer an option that could control the size) My project involves a lot of sound files and I would like to see an option to display them more subtly.