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Raster calculator

Question asked by imhofbesri on Mar 23, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2020 by imhofbesri

Dear GIS experts.

I can't get my raster calculator expression to run.

I have two different raster datasets:

- wnb_near

- svo_near

I want to create a new raster. When the value of svo_near ist smaller than the value of wnb_near, I want to write the value of wnb_near in the new raster, otherwise the value of svo_near:

if svo_near < wnb_near, then wnb_near, else svo_near


I tried the following expression in the raster calculator:

Con("svo_near" < " wnb_near", "wnb_near", "svo_near")

It doesn't work...


The two raster datasets are attached. Could somebody please help? Thanks a lot!