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NDVI Analysis

Question asked by winley@economicsinc on Mar 23, 2020

I am trying to accomplish a project that needs the following:


-A raster file for NDVI that has a number (0-255) corresponding to a color (red-green scale) in NDVI for a municipality. 

-The raster file cell size must be smaller than .7 x .7 to have consistent quality, as I am trying to obtain an average NDVI value per land parcel in the city. Parcels are about 1/4 acre. 


This has proven to be rather impossible given all of the available NDVI data. Has anyone successfully analyzed NDVI data that ESRI provides? The largest problem with this is that you can only export that particular file in 4000 x 4000 column square, and that is about 1/15th the size of the city I am working in. Even the landsat data I've worked at cannot analyze something as small as a suburban city parcel and seem to be exceptionally blurry, making it unreliable.


I have tried exporting the NDVI file provided by ESRI into small squares and then data ends up going missing in the process (lots of "no data" values that was not originally present).


I have been working on this since November and am about to call off the project as these two needs seem to be fairly impossible to gather. I originally tried in ArcGIS Desktop, then online, and now ArcGIS pro but none seem to be able to do this due to the data.