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No maps in Collector for ArcGis on Android

Question asked by TomSQL on Mar 21, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2020 by CLawrence-esristaff



I have an Android device with Collector for ArcGis (Early Access) - ver 20.1.0 installed.


The problem is I don't see my maps in the App and this is happening from last update of the Collector App (before there were no problems). In the App it just says:"No maps - Maps will appear here when they're created or shared with you". Before the update I was able to see and use the same maps with the Collector App.


On my iOS device I have the same Collector App with the same user logged on an there I see all my maps.


On the same Android device (where Collector for ArcGis is not showing maps) I have also installed Explorer App and all my maps are showing there.