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Filter before and after current_day with Date field

Question asked by Nicolas02 on Mar 21, 2020

I have published a feature service and a web map to ArcGIS Enterprise that shows some point features.

Every feature has two "date fields" as attribute that I would like to use for filtering.




With the filter I just want to see the objects:

"CurrentDay" => "DayStart"


"CurrentDay"=< "DayStop"


In the possible filters in WebMap I can choose "DayStart" / "is before" / ...

Here I must choose

- Value

- Field

- Unique.


If I go for Value, I can choose a day in a calendar

but no "current_day"


If I go for Field, I can choose in the drop-down: 

- created_day

- last-edited-day

but no "current_day"



does anyone know better?