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Flow Direction or Aspect: Which one is more suited to predict surface flow path?

Question asked by aditya206 on Mar 21, 2020
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I am new to GeoNet community and had tried to search for the answer to my question, but couldn't find one. So I am writing it down here to my GIS community members, asking for their help on it.


If I was to depict the surface flow in a relatively small area of about 4 sq. Km area in a hilly terrain, would a flow direction raster (Hydrology ToolBox) be a better option or the aspect raster from (Surface Toolbox)? Or is my question redundant because practically both give almost the exact same output, barring a few outlier pixels?


Also, does the choice between the two, depend on how big or small the area under consideration is?


Thanks a lot to the community members.

Aditya Sharma

Environmental Researcher