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Temporary Services Support for GIS Workers

Question asked by brandoncraw on Mar 20, 2020
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I work two GIS-heavy jobs - one for the Portland Bureau of Transportation, and the other for an environmental consultant in the Portland area. Given the recent events w/ COVID-19, I (along with many others) have been asked to work from home. However, neither job has been able provide GIS capabilities or permissions to do the work remotely. As a result, my workload is very light and there's a chance I may not be able to continue with one of the positions. 


Is ESRI offering any temporary support by offering complementary or free services for users who are in need of access to the software for work (or other reasons, such as school), but cannot for whatever reason? I tried to download a free trial of ArcPro, which would ideally allow me to continue some of my projects for a few weeks, however I wasn't able to due to having a public account and not an enterprise login with the appropriate permissions. 


Does anyone know of any other work-arounds?