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Creating a Utility Network ArcPro 2.5

Question asked by nuhndave91 on Mar 20, 2020
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Does anyone have experience with creating a Utility Network from scratch in ArcPro 2.5? I have read through ESRI's help docs but am still a bit confused. I can perform the following but, get lost after these steps (link for reference):

Configure a utility network—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 


1.) Use "Create Utility Network Tool" to stage the the utility network and create structure domain network feature classes.

2.) Use "Add Domain Network" to create the 5 empty network feature classes (electrical).


After performing these steps I am not too sure how exactly the asset groups can be applied and how to populate the attribute table of the network domains.  ex: "Electrical Distribution Device" table has drop downs to populate the fields but only has the option "Unknown."


If anyone has a recommended workflow or any insight it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!