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Can I deploy APP with lite license and Runtime Lite license in Google Play?

Question asked by denisrom88 on Mar 20, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2020 by mbaird-esristaff



I developed quite basic Android mapping app with ArcGIS Android SDK v.100.6.0. using Runtime Lite license key "runtimelite,1000,xxxxxxxxxxxxx,none,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx". App works well when developing, but I tried to publish it on Google Play and problems appeared! Google approves my app, everything seems to be ok, but when I download app to my device and run it, app crashes immediatelly! As I understand app crashes on the line ArcGISRuntimeEnvironment.setLicense(...)!


So what is happening here?? Don't you allow to to publish apps with Runtime Lite license key to Google Play?