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GeoEvent Definition for GUID does not exist

Question asked by on Mar 20, 2020

ArcGIS Server 10.7.1

GeoEvent Server 10.7.1 (also occurs in 10.7)


We are running ArcGIS GeoEvent Server with a custom input (transport and adapter) which we then output to either JSON, CSV or a feature class.  This input has been working in the past but has begun to experience an issue where the GeoEvent Server seems to loses track of the GUID association to the GeoEvent Definition used by that input.  The input will be working successfully but after some time (could be a couple of days to a couple of weeks) begins to produce the following error for each record being processed by the adapter:

Failed to create new GeoEvent: GeoEvent Definition for GUID (838673fe-d5f9-418a-8c68-85943b79896d) does not exist.


We have tried the following to resolve the issue.  We did find a work-around that fixes the issue temporarily until the next time the issue occurs.


Attempts to resolve issue:

1.  Administrative reset of the GeoEvent Server

1. Edit and save the definition for AssetRecord

  • This appears to have altered the GUID for the definition, as seen in the error logs. But did not correct the behavior.
  • Original GUID(d81f989c-a1f0-40da-8169-e90247336072)
  • New GUID(ea3ed2ca-b12b-4e76-94d0-6311acbcd141)
  • Further attempts at this did not alter the GUID, so the GUID change may be related to other behavior.

2. Edit and save the definition for AssetRecord then stop services.

  • For the geoevent definition AssetRecord -> change name to P_AssetRecord, no other changes
  • Stop service ArcGIS GeoEvent Server
  • Stop service ArcGIS GeoEvent Gateway
  • Start service ArcGIS GeoEvent Gateway
  • Start service ArcGIS GeoEvent Server
  • After restart the service was successfully processing record data through the adapter.


We are able to reproduce this issue, but not with any consistency.  We just leave our GeoEvent input running and eventually the error begins to occur.  Some customers/partners that are utilizing this custom input have also experienced this issue.