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How can I Copy Symbology form one layer to another

Question asked by sdillon_seltnh on Mar 20, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2020 by firesigngraphics

I have a map in ArcGIS ONline that we make a new version of each year to use in Collector App. We put in new layers for the new year but keep three previous years of these layers. Somehow my previous colleague managed to copy the symbology from the previous years to the new (year)layers. How can I do this? I saw one post where they copied "Drawinginfo" in HTML/JSON but I know nothing about that and when I tried it, I cot an error message that I have no idea how to handle. But that post was three years old, so I was hoping this had been made easier in the meantime??

So can I copy symbology from one (similar)layer to another, or somehow import the layer into ArcGIS Online with the correct symbology?