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ICESAT .h5 files

Question asked by Daniel10549121 on Mar 18, 2020
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I'm currently building a story map for my final project at university. My story map is comparing the retreat of glaciers to the increased carbon output in the last 20 years or so.


Naturally I'm looking at datasets from ICESAT, IceBridge and IceSAT-2, all three of these missions supply their data in .h5 format 


when I try to use these files in ArcGIS Pro Desktop I convert them to a multi dimensional raster layer, however the files only seem to show a thin red strip stretching from pole to pole, and do not seem to contain any useful data, leading me to believe i'm using the files wrong.


Ideally what i'd LIKE to do is make DEM's so I can analyse the topography of the glaciers so my questions are


1. is there a way to get a DEM out of a .h5 file

2. how do I correctly insert a .h5 file into the GIS?