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Total remaining credits reduced but not sure why?

Question asked by Connicks_Support on Mar 16, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2020 by Parallax.Analytics

Afternoon (or good morning depending where you are ), 


Is there anyway to check how many credits I started with on ArcGIS online. I have been on annual leave for 2 weeks and on my return the credits seem to have reduced from 500+ to 94.40. This doesn't make sense as we have only been using 0.34 credits per day and I can see no spike in usage/storage while I have been away. It would be quite useful to see how many credits I had 2 weeks ago or at the start of the subscription to prove that 400+ credits have just disappeared.


At the moment I can see total remaining credits, last 30 day usage and last 24 hours along with a graph illustrating this data. However I cant see the total credits at any given time in the past.



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