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TPK generated with ArcGIS Server > 10.6 makes Collector crashes

Question asked by NicolasGIS on Mar 12, 2020
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Since ArcGIS Server 10.7, the TPK I generate make Collector crashes. I have been generating these TPKs for Collector for 5 years using the very same python script. After migrating to 10.7, it crashes. On a side 10.6, it works.


I believe it is because my TPK does not have a the full area with all the levels generated but only on small areas.

Here is the workflow: 

- Let’s take a tiling scheme from level 0: 20 (no matter the scales values)
- Generate cache for the whole mapservice up from scale 0:10.
- Generate cache for small areas of this very same map service from scale 10:20.
- Generate a TPK for the whole area of this mapService.

- Copy that TPK on Collector for ArcGIS Classic or new
- Zoom to one of this area you generated cache from 10:20 : Collector crashed.


Any idea ?


Thanks for your help !