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CCTV Manager – Option to load videos as attachments to the results

Question asked by AKabak-esristaff Employee on Mar 10, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2020 by jbryant_wya

Hi, my name is Alex Kabak with the Utilities Solutions team at Esri. We're working on an enhancement to the CCTV Manager solution. If you are unfamiliar with the solution, it creates spatial data from CCTV sewer inspections.




There has been a request to expose an option to load videos to the inspected mains file attachments as part of our CCTV Manager solution.


To make sure we handle all use cases, how should we find the path to each video name file (in orange below)? The following are some options:

  • Specify Media folder (Blue)
  • Use Video Location field (Green)
  • Both Media Folder and Video Location (uncolored)



Please leave your comments below.


Thank you