ArcScene: Extrude polylineZM by M value

Discussion created by tycho_schol on Mar 25, 2011
In ArcScene 9.3.1 you can use the Z values in the features of a layer for their base height, but the extrusion can only be based on values in numeric fields.

Now I have a PolylineZM layer with noise barriers, in which the Z value contains the absolute height of the base of the barrier and the M value contains the height of the top.
Using the layer properties in ArcScene, I can't extrude each vertex using the M value, I can only calculate an average height, put this in a field and use this field to extrude the entire feature.

Is there a way, using ArcObjects, to set the extrusion for each vertex, using their own M values?

Any suggestion would be appreciated.