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How to insure that arcpy/Pro license is "returned" by script?

Question asked by agelfert on Mar 10, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2020 by bixb0012

Is there any way that a 'named user' Pro license that is being consumed by a service account has to be released so that the same account can "check out" this license on another machine? I know there is no real check in/out for named users. But I'm running into an issue where I want to have the same account running the same script on different machines but it will only complete on the first machine. I can schedule it to run on either machine over night and it runs fine. As soon as I want to run it on both machines, it will fail on the second one.


I've wrapped my import into try/except to make sure that's really where it's failing:

   import arcpy

except Exception:
   with open(r'C:\temp\arcpyIssue.log','w') as failurelog:
      failurelog.write("Unable to get arcpy license")

and that appears to indicate the arcpy import is the issue? Any thoughts? Shouldn't I be able to run as many instances of Pro or Pro licensed Python under the same account as I want? I seem to have no issues having instances of Pro open on multiple machines using my own account.