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reclassify tool - classes of inequal size

Question asked by on Mar 10, 2020
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I am taking a GIS course and have the following problem:

I do have a slope layer and I am supposed to classify the slope in 3 classes of unequal size using the reclassify tool. I got following instructions:

Select Tuapaka_slope as the Input Raster
• Click on Classify
• Change the Classes to 3
• Then change the break values to 10, 30 and leave the last value as is
• Name the Output layer

click on run

( I am using ArcGis Pro)

I realize I could easily do it using the symbology tool by using unique classes and manually change it there but I am instructed to use the reclassify (spatial analyst tool). However, when I (click on classify and change classes to 3 it changes the classes to 3 classes of equal size, when I then change the values in the table and click on "run" it automatically changes the classes back to 9? So how can I create 3 classes of unequal size using the reclassify tool ??? It would be great if someone could help.