Fixing Network Errors

Discussion created by rnielson65 on Mar 24, 2011
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Not sure if this is the best place for this question but Network Analyst is what I ahve been working with. I have a road network dataset, a point feature of 21 gravel pits, and a point feature of 334 places of gravel roads within the road network. What I need to do is find the closest gravel pit to each section of gravel road for maintenance purposes.

When I run a "Find Closest Facicity" analysis I come up with 63 positive results and 271 unable to find. There are no limitation to the search, i.e. any distance and any direction on the roads. It seems that many of the roads are simply not connected to each other. However, all of the roads are snapped to together.

I built the road network as a geometric network to check connectivity and apart from 4 roads, all form part of a functioning geometric network, as it they were a system of pipes. Therefore I figure the issue is in the original roads shapefile and needs to be fixed before importing into the geodatabase or before the network dataset is created.

As I have been working primayily for a small indigenous organisation for the last 5 years I have precious little experience using any of the Arc extensions due to there being no identified need, and not funding for the software or training.

It's all up hill from here .. (pity they don't have a smiley for someone climbing a steep hill)