ESRI Policy on BUGS

Discussion created by joincto on Mar 5, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2020 by Christian_Wells-esristaff

I just finished an interesting discussion with initial tier ESRI support.

The specifics of  the original issue are not especially important but,in brief:

    table to table tool does not terminate the last line of output to a .csv file (no CR-LF ie no 0d 0a).

This was verified by support. I suggested it be filed as a bug.


This brings me to the point. I was informed that it cannot be filed as a bug because, in essence, it does not prevent other ESRI software from operating. To **** with non ESRI software that expects certain standards; it doesn't render ESRI inoperable, so too bad.


This makes me quite angry. It costs me, and other users, quite a bit of time to prepare these filings: complete the forms; respond to emails; arrange phone call; the usual catechism about software versions; screen sharing, finally ending with a grudging admission that the problem is real. Then ESRI have the nerve to tell me that they will not file it. I report these things, in part, so that other users don't have to get inaccurate results, or spend hours debugging the same problem. But ESRI isn't going to rouse themselves and fix their own mistakes.


This is unacceptable.