Issues with email alerts in ArcGIS Monitor 10.7.1

Discussion created by EAnderson_DHSGMO on Mar 5, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2020 by EAnderson_DHSGMO

Hey everyone,


I need a little assistance helping determine if the issue we are having with alerts in ArcGIS Monitor is on our end (with the SMTP), or with the ArcGIS Monitor application itself.


We configured the ArcGIS Monitor email settings with our SMTP and made sure the admin email configured there was the same as the contact in the collection. The test email goes through successfully and we can receive that. However, other alerts (even something as simple as sending a password reset request) are not going through.


In the emailDynamic log file, the last item I see is "ArcGIS Monitor email returned...". Does this mean it was sent back because of an issue with the SMTP? Any other thoughts on how to troubleshoot this from the Monitor side of things?


Thanks in advance!