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Dropped pin coordinates in Android Beta

Question asked by gareth.baker_wessexwater on Mar 5, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2020 by cdunn-esristaff

Last year I asked this question about the coordinate system for dropped pins.  Looks like the functionality has made it into the current iOS production release and I've just noticed that it's now also available in the Android Beta, which is great so thanks for your efforts.


My question/comment is that in the Android Beta the string that it displays has degree signs in it despite the units for my coordinate system (British National Grid) being in metres.


Android Beta example (2714): 162,961.03ºN 377,826.07ºE

iOS (build 2614) example: 377826.03E 162961.03N


Preferred display would actually be something like: 377826.07,162961.03

So no thousand separators, no E/N letters and a comma between the two values (or failing that a space).


I guess people will have different preferences for how this is displayed depending on the coord system so is perhaps something that could be configured in the web map or the organisation settings? Setting in the app would be okay if it was possible to set to a default via mobile deployment config, would want to avoid each individual user having to set it themselves.