Geometry Characteristics of Road

Discussion created by PranneshGeo on Mar 4, 2020
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Does anybody have idea about Geometry characteristics of road for each 10 meters with Fields of Geometry table from a  Shapefile and also Is there any tool or method to calculate distance between parallel lines automatically(Eg: from road edge to other corresponding road layers)

Following field characters must be in attribute table



3)Length- in meters

4)Shoulder- in decimeters

5)Carriageway- in decimeters

6)Additional lane- in decimeters

7)Slow lane- in decimeters

8)Platform- in decimeters

9)Median- in meters

10)No of lanes

11)Slope- % of a pavement

12)Camber- Cross slope (%) of platform

13)Radius of curvature

14)Geographical coordinates(lat & long)

15)UTM coordinates(x,y,z)